Our Work

Over the past decade, we've had the opportunity to work in a wide range of industries on a diverse set of problems. Below is a partial list. If you have questions about a specific type area of expertise feel to contact us.

We started working with Netflix in 2008, creating a system that would track and rank the 41,000 teams across 180 countries competing for their now famous million-dollar Netflix Prize. Since that time we have worked with them on numerous other projects including PR campaigns, HR systems, business process management systems and continued refinement of these systems on an ongoing basis.  Read more...

Mozilla's Open Standard project uses the principles of open source to change the world. When they decided to create an online magazine to forward this movement, they chose ZURB to create an amazing user experience and us to build a back-end that could manage their publishing process, sustain heavy load, and that met Mozilla's quality standards. All of our work was open sourced, so have a look under the hood!  Read more...

Blue Jeans is fixing videoconferencing. Their world class platform allows different videoconferencing systems to interconnect (Room Systems, Micosoft LYNC, etc.) and make high quality videoconferencing calls. To support their meteoric growth, Blue Jeans needed a site that was flexible enough to support their growing marketing demands together with a team that could make ongoing improvements.  Read more...

This award winning site beautifully showcases the Halekulani property and hotel in Hawaii. Designed by our partners at 300FeetOut, we addressed all implementation details. The site is mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and provides for an easy to use back-end system so the site can stay up to date. This site earned a Web Award for Design Excellence.  Read more...

Creators of sophisticated, intelligent lighting technology. In addition to building their website, we created an interactive product selection database, helping the viewer navigate through the millions of possible product combinations so they can choose the proper lighting product for them.  

Thoughtspot, a team consisting of some of the Valley's best and brightest, is making Business Intelligence as easy as a performing a search. To create a website that showcases their innovative product, they chose ZURB for the front-end interactive design and us for implementation.  

It was an honor to work with our partners at 300FeetOut to create a site to commemorate one of the most culturally influential men of our time: Walt Disney. The Disney Family Foundation created a truly unique museum in the Presidio. In coordination with 300FeetOut, the Disney family and foundation staff we built an experience that brings a taste of that experience online.  

TypeRoom was a new type of CMS designed and created entirely by the Internet Simplicity team. Created primarily in 2008, this product stretched the envelope of what was possible at the time – incorporating a custom WYSIWYG editor, drag-and-drop and creating a new model for managing content: a "Remote CMS".  Read more...

Our work with Santa Clara University started with the complete redesign and development of their university operations website – a hub for the numerous activities needed to keep SCU running smoothly. In addition to ongoing changes and support of this site, we also built an energy graphing system to raise awareness regarding energy consumption by displaying realtime energy graphs to students via flatscreen TVs in dorm room lobbies.  

In partnership with Lovejoy Creative and The M-Line, we were proud to have won the RFP to rebuild the Graphic Artists Guild's 2010 website and online community. This site not only provided membership news and helped to acquire new members, it also provided an online form for their several thousand members to connect with each other.  

In 2009, pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly agreed to pay $1.415 billion (including the largest criminal fine in US health care history) due to unapproved use and unintended side-effects of their popular anti-depressant, Zyprexa. An experienced paralegal firm, Agretelis Consulting, was selected to distribute a portion of this settlement who, in turn, contracted Internet Simplicty to create a secure application to help coordinate $38 million in claims distribution.  

A small startup, Realtime Transcription, had an idea: a new way to search, browse, and interact with a video transcript. Working closely with their team we helped design, prototype, and build their idea into working software. During this process, Internet Simplicity co-invented an aspect of their system which is now the subject of a US patent granted to Realtime Transcription by the USPTO in 2013.  

More Projects


Complex website development for the leader in Linux container management. Design by ZURB

Niagara Cruises

Website development for one of the world's leading cruise companies. Design by ZURB

Fort Mason Center

Custom website and application development for San Francisco landmark venue. Design by 300FeetOut

Deep Oakland (Mills College)

Database development for a social experiment run by Mills College. Design by Lovejoy Creative

Behrman House

Website and database development for one of the largest publishers of Jewish educational materials. Design by Studio22.com

Waikiki Parc

Front-end, interactive programming and development for a beautiful Hawaiian hotel. Design by 300FeetOut

Brix Group

Front and back-end development. Design by Ingbritt Christensen

The Who Movie

Programming and Database development for a website showcasing The Who. Design by Rebecca Dolan


E-Commerce and database development for the worlds largest performance BMW specialist. Design by Rasteriods

Drip Drop

E-Commerce and database development for a company that is changing the world through hydration.


Back-end and application development for venture funded creator of set-top boxes. Design by Studio22

Film Independent

Database, Filemaker and web application integration for an independent film contest

FOX Writers Intensive

Web Application for management of signups and submissions. FOX Audience Strategy


Database development linking Filemaker and website functionality. Lead by The Support Group

American Wireless

Front-end programming of site for large wireless sales company

Liberty Skis

Interactive development for innovative ski company. Design in-house

Mancini Sleepworld

Content management and custom database development

Mountain View Chamber of Commerce

Front-end programming and content management integration. Design by Studio22

Perri O'Shaughnessey

Website development for best selling mystery novelist

Santa Clara University

Website, content management and application development for various university operations projects.

Scion Capital

Website programming for a famous hedge fund

Sutter Hill Ventures

Front-end programming for a innovative venture capitalist firm

St. Anne's Episcopal School

Content management and application development for a Colorado elementary school. Design by Studio22

Graphic Artists Guild

Front-end and content management integration for the Graphic Artists Guild. Design by Lovejoy Creative

University of Calgary

Website and application development supporting research and training in the field of CT Scan diagnosis

The Support Group

Ongoing integration work with Filemaker and PHP

Herman Miller

Front-end and content management development for Convia, a Herman miller company. Design by Vis-a-Vis Creative

DoubleClick Performics

Front-end and content management development for DoubleClick (just before acquisition by Google)

Domaine Chandon

Website maintenance and updates for America's largest producer of sparkling wine


Corporate intranet development for an IT consulting company. Design by Lovejoy Creative