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Dinan Engineering is the one of the world’s top BMW high-performance tuning companies. They have over 140 authorized Dinan BMW performance centers, have been featured in over 70 road tests and 11 cover stories in the automotive press.

In 2007, Internet Simplicity was selected out of approximately a dozen other firms as the vendor to re-build the dinancars.com website and launch a e-commerce presence that would allow for the efficient viewing, cataloging, organizing and sales of their high-performance parts.

After a project kickoff meeting consisting of a demonstration ride in Steve Dinan’s prototype M-5, the Internet Simplicity team had a first-hand feel for the type of website that would be needed to represent this company.

On a technical level, the project presented several unique challenges:

  • First amongst them was that a significant amount of customization was required in order to accommodate the complexities in organizing their large number of high-performance products.
  • Because their product information was stored in an different database type, data migration and re-structuring was done to migrate it into an e-commerce compatible system.
  • With a dealer and distributor network that spans the US (and Canada), proximity detection was needed in order to connect up the customer with the nearest dealer.
  • The website needed to be able to be easily updated at any time.
  • And of course, the website had to represent one of the world's leading BMW high-performance tuning companies.

Local design firm Rasteroids was chosen as the design firm the project.

After iterating through our complete application development and specification process and working closely with the IT and Marketing team at Dinan, the e-commerce website was successfully launched in December of 2007.